Booil is a leading manufacturer of high quality precision zirconia parts, supplying major watch, fishing reel and measuring equipment industries. Our customers choose to partner with us based on our leading ceramic technology, development, and commitment to the industries we serve. We offer high purity partially stabilized zirconia parts. Our zirconia products are used in many applications where it is necessary to provide good wear protect without lubricant, precision mechanical seal, various colored watch parts and fishing reel guide ring. Material selection depends upon operating working conditions.

Various and significant capability for producing custom shapes are available. Accuratus offers a precision fabrication service for hard materials to meet your tight tolerance component needs. Dimensional tolerances of .005mm (.0002") and surface finishes of .2 microns (8 microinch) RA are routinely maintained during production. Tighter tolerances and finer finishes can be supplied upon request. A full complement of dimensional measurement instruments and a quality ensure you receive a good product. Production lots of one piece prototypes through multi-year contracts for thousands of parts can easily be accommodated. Our consistent and predictable services have been highly regarded by valued customers since 1995.

Introduction of  Zirconium Oxide


    Key Properties
    High density
    Chemical inertnes
    Resistance to molten metals
    Ionic electrical conduction
    Wear resistance
    High fracture toughness
    High hardness

    Typical uses
    Precision ball valve balls and seats
    High density ball and pebble mill grinding media
    Rollers and guides for metal tube forming
    Thread and wire guides
    Hot metal extrusion dies
    Deep well down-hole valves and seats
    Powder compacting dies
    Marine pump seals and shaft guides
    High temperature induction furnace susceptors
    Fuel cell membranes